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Coming soon! The world’s first wheelless electric scooter

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Traditional wheels are generally equipped with spokes or wheels. This is a technology that has been used throughout the ages. The wheels are transmitted by the axles and spokes or hubs and then transmitted to the rim. The center of gravity is high and the wheels are easy to buckle. Deformation and inevitable shafts occupy space and other inherent defects.

Without the hub wheel, the center of gravity can be reduced, the force point can be changed, the load capacity can be increased, the safety performance can be improved, and the space occupied by the shaft can be vacated. Many vehicles are trying to use the wheelless wheel.

The Spanish company Aktivo is producing an electric scooter, the world's first wheelless electric scooter.


“We want to create a personal mobility tool with a unique look,” says Aktivo Motors CEO. “More and more people are using electric scooters in the city. However, existing designs and solutions seem to make riding a bit It's ugly: whether the design is very strange, or it's not enough, just like 'DIY children's toys'. According to him, the Aktivo electric scooter must be unique.

So how unique is this electric scooter? Let's take a look at it with Weilun.


Unique appearance

The Aktivo electric scooter looks like a car exterior design, made of a single piece of magnesium frame, and the car body is simple and elegant.


Outstanding tire

Wheelless tires are the biggest highlight of this car. The tire is equipped with a 1000W brushless motor using a set of 60 magnets for high torque output and precise speed control. In addition, the system is equipped with position lights, brake lights and efficient ceramic brakes. It is worth mentioning that this tire does not require special maintenance.


Strong climbing ability

Telling others about the history of electric scooters uphill, Aktivo's motor technology has been patented to provide powerful torque, allowing riders to go to every corner of the city with a climbing capability of 20°. Whether you are commuting, going to school, or taking a break during lunch break, Aktivo can satisfy you.

Coming soon! The world's first wheelless electric scooter


Easy to carry

The AKTIVO electric scooter has a net weight of 13 kg and can be folded in just three seconds. It can be easily placed in the trunk of the car and ready to complete the last mile.


High driving safety

  • Double brake: the handle simultaneously controls the front wheel motor brake and the rear wheel brake
  • Position light: front headlights and wheel lights ensure that you can be noticed by riding
  • Brake light: When braking, the rear wheel will have a red light for the rear to know
  • Overheat alarm: The motor overheats an alarm to maximize hardware life
  • A shock absorbing system is attached to the front wheel axle to absorb impact and ensure smooth running on uneven roads.


Smart use

Intelligent LCD display: You can check the speed, riding mode, Bluetooth status, engine temperature, etc. through the LCD.

  • Mobile app: View the vehicle's battery, miles, riding mode, hardware status, lighting controls, other data, maps, and software updates via the phone app.

Three modes of riding: entertainment mode, economy mode and climbing mode. In the entertainment mode, the rider can reach a maximum speed of 30km/h and enjoy plenty of power and torque. In the economic model, the rider can accelerate to 25km/h. In the climbing mode, the vehicle is able to control the speed below 20km/h while improving the climbing ability. For the driver to fully control the scooter, the Aktivo electric scooter is equipped with dual handle brakes while controlling electric and mechanical brakes.


Fast charging system

To improve charging efficiency, Aktivo electric scooters are available with 2A and 3A chargers. Use the 2A charger for a full charge of 3 hours and a 3A charger for a full charge of 2 hours. (It is recommended to use the 3A charger only in a few emergency situations)

In August last year, Aktivo had over-fulfilled the crowdfunding target at indiegogo and kickstarter, with a total order of $525,477 from 846 supporters.

On Indiegogo, the lowest crowdfunding price for a single Aktivo electric scooter is $485.

According to Aktivo's plan, this product will be shipped to its supporters in June this year.

Wow so many people support! Maybe it's the next product that leads the trend of electric scooters! Xiaobian is looking forward to seeing it soon!

Finally, let's take a look at this electric scooter in advance through a video!