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Is there an electric scooter that can last forever? Of course!

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Still worrying about getting on and off the train every day? In order to solve this problem, a foreign friend chose to go to work, and every day his colleague was still on the road to race with time, he had already sipped coffee in the office.

But this method is very challenging. Ordinary people can't easily try it. In another way, riding an electric scooter is definitely a better choice.

At present, there are various shortcomings in the personal electric scooters on the market, such as low weight and low comfort, short cruising, and comfortable tires. Is there any product in these shortcomings? Get balanced? Today, Xiaobian introduces you to a Bremer X7.


Simple appearance

Inspired by the cobra, the curved integrated minimalist body takes full account of every detail the driver uses from the length of the pedal to the height of the ground.


Intelligent display and adjustment

Built-in digital LCD display, keep abreast of power, speed and gear status.

Three riding modes are available, and different modes can be replaced at will to suit different riding needs.

Is there an electric scooter that can last forever? Of course!


The battery is detachable and has no life.

It is equipped with a 350W brushless motor and has a top speed of 25km/h, which fully meets the needs of daily urban riding.

The X7 is equipped with a 180W (5A) power lithium battery that can provide up to 15 kilometers of battery life. If the 15km battery life does not meet your needs, you can choose one more battery backup. The biggest feature of the Bremer X7 is its unique battery detachable design that allows easy battery replacement in just 3 easy steps.

If you have N batteries, you can achieve theoretical unlimited life.

Configure the battery management system BMS to monitor the working status of the battery and provide multiple protections such as charge and discharge protection and low temperature protection to ensure battery safety.

The battery core is installed inside the pillar, which can effectively prevent the pedal from hitting the ground and causing the battery to be squeezed, thereby improving safety. The battery compartment with high ground clearance and sealed waterproof motor can be unblocked even if it is wading.

Equipped with an energy recovery system for automobiles, when braking or releasing the throttle, part of the kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy for storage and utilization, optimizing the user's emergency braking experience, while recovering energy helps to enhance the endurance.


Safe riding, escort


Equipped with a rear disc brake system and an E-ABS anti-lock system for fast response to efficient braking. At the same time, the Hall sensor is added, and the power can be quickly cut off at the same time as the disc brake to realize the electronic drum brake while protecting the motor. A brake pad is arranged on the inside of the fender, and the brake can be assisted by pressing down with the heel.

Is there an electric scooter that can last forever? Of course!

With super bright 1.1WLED lighting, the effective lighting distance is 6 meters, and the dark night can be escorted.

The rear red eye-catching warning tail light keeps the light on at night. When the brake is pressed, it will turn into a flashing state, which will more clearly remind the rear vehicle and pedestrians.

Before and after the 8.5-inch vacuum shock absorber tires, most urban roads and speed bumps can pass smoothly. Compared with ordinary pneumatic tires, it is more wear-resistant and explosion-proof, and it can ensure the safety of the driver even if it is pierced during riding.

The pedal is 10cm above the ground, which greatly reduces the chance of scratching the floor, avoiding unnecessary bumps and making the rider more comfortable.


Easy to operate, carry it with you

The distance between the control button and the grip is just ergonomic. All operations are done with the right thumb when the vehicle is in motion.

Is there an electric scooter that can last forever? Of course!

Short press the control button to switch between the three gear positions, and quickly double-click the control button to turn the lights on or off.

Is there an electric scooter that can last forever? Of course!

Use the push-type rebound throttle to accelerate with a single click, and the ride speed is free to master. Silicone non-slip detachable handle for a comfortable grip; embed a bell between the brakes and just use the left hand to remind the pedestrians ahead.

Soft silicone pedal, which has better anti-vibration effect, enhances riding comfort, anti-skid protrusion particles, and supports flushing with water.

Easily fold in 3 seconds, unfold in one button, carry it in the trunk or store it in your home office, taking up as little space as possible.


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