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The car company is predicting the future of the car: driverless first on the road in China?

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On the afternoon of March 27th, Internet car manufacturers, new car manufacturers, traditional car companies and other car companies and car electronics control technology experts gathered in the Boao Forum for Asia, in a sub-forum called "Cars in 2050" On, sketched the future car.

"The majority of people who buy electric cars in China now don't want to buy electric cars." Xiaopeng Automobile Chairman He Xiaopeng told reporters that the development of electric vehicles will take more than two years to usher in the fast period. Although most people in the automotive industry tend to be optimistic about the future of electric vehicles, Yin Chengliang, deputy director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Automotive Electronic Control Technology, gave a different answer: "Traditional cars will not be replaced soon. After a long time, they will still I saw a lot of traditional cars running on the road."

Compared with the mass production experiment that the electric car is tortuous but not very successful, the unmanned driving in the stage of technical exploration and experimental exploration seems to have more room for imagination.

Haizhu Group Chairman Jing Zhu is very optimistic about the technology of unmanned driving. It is a matter of time before the driverless car is on the road. And his judgment is "a little faster than the most optimistic estimate." He Xiaopeng believes that the first road to a driverless car is likely to be in China. (Huaxia Times)

2020 Shougang Park will start unmanned electric vehicles

In the evening of the NPC deputy’s enquiry and CPPCC member consultation activities, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission said that in the construction of the winter Olympics, the first use of the driverless electric vehicle will be launched in the Shougang demonstration area in 2020. In addition, fuel cells will be promoted in large diesel vehicles this year.

It is understood that the Shougang Park has started to build an automatic driving service demonstration zone. According to the plan, before the Olympics (2020), there will be more than 10 unmanned vehicles in the park, covering the northern part of Shougang Park; during the Olympics (2022) There are more than 100 unmanned vehicles, and the coverage area is also the North District of Shougang Park. After the Olympics (2025), there are more than 1,000 unmanned vehicles, covering the entire park of Shougang, serving 150,000 people, and social capital will be Cooperate with the development plan of Shougang Park to help it create a innovation park in Beijing.

“The park will focus on the automatic driving routes of seven types of vehicles, including unmanned passenger cars, unmanned sweepers and unmanned logistics vehicles. The route will be oriented to Shougang's internal roads, squares and venues.” According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, The research objectives also include automatic driving lane planning, intelligent traffic lights, smart roads, smart parking spaces, wireless charging spaces, and so on.

According to the relevant person in charge of the New Energy and New Materials Department of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, this year, the distribution of personal indicators for pure electric vehicles will reach 60%. In addition, this year, we will promote fuel cells with high power generation efficiency, low environmental pollution, low noise, and longer cruising range in large diesel vehicles such as muck. (Beijing Youth Daily)

Academician Zheng Nanning: Unmanned driving is an AI system that cannot make mistakes. It is still difficult to apply in practice.

"Some artificial intelligence systems are allowed to make mistakes, such as translation and search engines; unmanned driving is an artificial intelligence system that cannot make mistakes because it is related to life." On March 29, Zheng Nanning, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was in "Qiyong Qiantang". 2019 AI Cloud Ecology Conference talks.

The 2019 AI Cloud Eco-Conference is hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People's Government. With the theme of “Data Intelligence, AI Empowerment”, it brings together experts from home and abroad, government agencies and industry to discuss artificial intelligence and big data in all walks of life. Application and development trends to discuss opportunities for digital economic development.

Zheng Nanning said that driverless vehicles currently face five major challenges: “conscious perception” of complex traffic scenarios, understanding of “pre-behavior”, response to “accidental encounters”, natural interaction between people and vehicles, and risks of cybersecurity. "Especially the first two points, still can not be solved now, it is still difficult to drive in practical applications, and it is necessary to continue to explore." (澎湃News)

[Share electric bicycle]

The rider refunds the deposit hopeless. The employee sells the vehicle battery due to salary arrears

Some media reported that due to the arrears of the employees of the operation and maintenance center, the employees handled a large number of batteries by credit. On a second-hand trading app, the reporter saw that some people are actually selling bicycles, and people suspected of their employees said that “the operation and maintenance center has dozens of people’s wages in the first quarter, and the appeal labor arbitration has no results. We sold. 2000 batteries, in Wuhan, even the car with the battery and the charger are sold out."

At the same time that a large number of motorcycles are abandoned, the user's refund of the deposit is hopeless! As early as last October, the ride was exposed to a broken capital chain. User He said that he had applied for a refund for nearly five months and has not heard from him.

Ms. Wu was unable to return the deposit because she had called the 12315 hotline. The feedback was: Shanghai Xiangqi Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. is in a state of loss of connection. It is recommended that consumers maintain their rights and interests through judicial channels as soon as possible.

In fact, Shanghai has always been clear about “not developing shared electric bicycles”. The new mandatory national standard for electric bicycles, which will be implemented on April 15th, "Safety Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles" also stipulates that all localities should "clean up and share electric bicycles in accordance with relevant national policy requirements." It seems that they are currently scattered in cities. The riding bicycles at the place are already destined to escape the fate of garbage.