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About Us


BionC Ltd is a manufacturer focused on offering Fyrlyt electric bikes and accessaries that are designed by his own team in Guangzhou China.

With continuous investment in product development, Fyrlyt ebikes are distinguished by using only the best, latest and most reliable technology.

Be steadily grown to now, Fyrlyt ebike have acquired self-owned brand Fyrlyt, and also provide OEM/ODM service to our customers.

All of our bikes come with a 2 year "full peace of mind" warranty and we offers free lifetime technical support on every product we sell. Used well known high-end branded components, our bikes are built to Guaranteed Quality Standards EN 15194 and are also RoHS certified for further quality assurance.

Maybe nobody knows what we'll be riding/driving in ten years time!! But Fyrlyt ebike will be right there on the frontline.

We hope you enjoy our products!