• 5 Advantages of you having a battery powered bicycle
    • Sep 22 2017

    Maybe some people are wondering that why we should choose the electric assist bicycle rather than bike without the brushless motor in current live. All right! This is my honor to analyze and discuss 5 advantages about why to choose the electric assist bicycles. 1.The battery powered bicycle is more suitable for the currently fast-paced world, you can save more time to do more meaningful things ins...

  • Travel with Your Bike
    • Aug 09 2017

    Even though highways and mass transit systems is improving, driving isn’t the only option for you to get around. When you’re travelling the world, the best way to really experience it is often on two wheels. As taking bikes for a ride is the perfect way to shake up the commuting routines while enjoying the great outdoors. Also, many sports lovers would like to travel with their own bike.  Ind...

  • Electric bikes
    • Apr 01 2017

    Electric bikes sound like very high technology yet they're simple in concept. It is the new and promising urban transportation now. They provide all the advantages of a regular bicycle while eliminating one of the bicycle's more serious drawbacks, lack of power. Imagine pedaling up a hill as comfortably as riding down, that's what the e-bike experience is all about. In most situations in the city,...

  • Guangzhou BionC Intelligent Sports Equipment Co.,Ltd
    • Feb 14 2017

    Guangzhou BionC Intelligent Sports Equipment Co.,Ltd is a specialist Research& Development manufacture of bike and electric bicycle. We start our business in Baiyun District Guangzhou in 2013. Our main products are Fyrlyt bike, bike case and other bicycle accessaries. “Green travel, low carbon life” is the idea that our company have been advocating to our staff and customers.

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