Electric Mountain Bike: 10 Things You Need To Know

23 Aug 2017

With the development of technology, various traditional bikes have been increasingly updated into electric bikes. According to classification, there are electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes, electric commuter bikes, electric trekking bikes and etc. As for the motor, there are electric bikes with hub motor and electric bikes with mid-drive motor. Let's take a look at the ten things you need to know about electric mountain bikes.

1. Why we need a electric bike?
Electric bike provides you with great stronger power and improves your climbing ability. It makes your riding faster and smoother, which is easier for you to reach the top of the mountain or other distant valleys, or just to keep up with your friends. There are too numerous reasons to count. In the developed countries in Europe, electric bikes has become a new favorite of people while in a few developing countries, there are still too many people not willing to accept it.

2. The core of electric bikes: Motor
At present, the major bike manufacturers will choose the five major international motor manufacturers: Bosch, Shimano, Brose, Yamaha and Panasonic. In recent years, Chinese Bafang motor has become popular in Europe and North American, because of its high performance and cost-effectiveness. There are two types motor in the current marketing, that is hub motor and mid-drive motor. And Bosch’s and Shimano’s motor are all mid-drive motors which is the best choice for electric mountain bike. Concerning the two points, new products are all with Bafang mid-drive motor, because we aim to provide customers with a high-quality and cost-effective products.

3. Drive system
Most electric mountain bikes do not differ much from traditional mountain bikes on the drive system. However, with the development of electric bikes, accessories dedicated to electric bikes will become more and more common. SRAM had launched a solution for EX1 drive system of electric power assisted bicycle, E-BLOCKTM flywheel is the core and soul of EX1, which is designed to provide optimal E-MTB gear ratio range, increase battery life and reduce the abrasion of parts.

4. Other components
Electric mountain bike is heavy with surging power, so they’re mostly unbearable if you only use low-cost monolayer tires. Surging power requires a strong brake to control. Shimano’s Hydraulic disc brake is suitable for electric bike, which can meet the neeeds of high speed and frequent use and suffer greater weight due to motors and batteries.

5. Is the electric mountain bike much heavier than the traditional mountain bike?
This is a question about weight. Taking account of motor and battery, electric mountain bike is bound to be more heavier than traditional bike. However, due to electric power assisted system they won’t be an encumbrance to you when cycling. Generally speaking, the weight of electric mountain bike is about 21-23KG and only more than 25kg, the weight will really troubled to travel.

6. How long will it take to recharge?
Compared to the commuter cycle, electric mountain bike has a more powerful motor, generally up to 500Wh, or even higher. But in view of the limited watt of most countries, Fyrlyt E-bikes normally provides 250-500 watt motor electric bikes equipped with a dedicated charger which can be filled for 4 hours.

7. Where can I ride the electric mountain bike?
Electric bike is not motorcycle, so generally they won’t be prohibited from riding on the road. High-precision torque sensor can perceive the intention of the rider and timely give you power until the maximum speed limit is reach. Therefore, electric bike is very safe.

8. How far can I ride an electric mountain bike?
How far can you ride an electric mountain bike depends on battery capacity. During off-road riding, large torque output of electric bikes and the power consumption due to difficult climbing need to be pay attention to.

9. Focus on the geometry design of mountain bike
Kindly reminder: With a great variety of goods available at the current market, you should never be puzzled by power output and battery life advertised by the manufacturer. Excellent geometric design is equally important because frame is the soul of mountain bike and an electric mountain bike is ultimately a mountain bike.   

10.What kind of electric mountain bike should I choose?
Electric mountain bike is no longer a simple mountain bike with motor nowadays, there are many mountain bike brand (such as Gant, Lapierre, BMC etc.) begins to step into the field of electric mountain bike. But it doesn’t means you must need to buy a great expensive electric bike, a cost-effective electric mountain bike with high performance like Fyrlyt electric bike is the best choice for you. You are one of their customers but the prior customer with the best service of us.
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