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  • Mechanical Design

    2019-04-25 1,604 times

    After industrial design is settled, our mechanical designer will settle down ways to fix every components after analyzing appearance model, make sure realization of product use and function from aspect of inner structure, mechanical function, and function of software and hardware, as wells as materi…

  • Mould Development

    2019-04-15 1,630 times

    We’ve built a long-term business with several mould factories and can serve customers according to different requirements of their products, ensure that the final product can be effectively made. Analyzing the possibilities of 3D drawings in order to lower the risks. After the mould made, the engine…

  • Another country allows electric scooters to go on the road! When is it the turn of China?

    2019-04-13 3,709 times

    01 Last week, the German cabinet passed the driving permit for electric scooters 01 Last week, the German cabinet passed the driving permit for electric scooters. Then, just waiting for the parliament's upper house to vote, the electric scooter can legally drive on the German road. The German govern…

  • Who are we?

    2019-04-12 1,236 times

    PXID company is a team of senior and professional designers, who are sensitive to development trend of light vehicles and have created dozens of innovative designs for various scooters, e-bikes, motorcycles, and other mobility vehicles. We supply design solutions with innovation, effectiveness and r…

  • Why choose PXID?

    2019-04-11 1,186 times

    Q:Why choose PXID? A:PXID is committed to helping customers specify future strategies, creating new product and establishing influential brands. PXID provides customers with one-step innovative design services of the entire industrial chain from an idea to the products.

  • What can we do for our customers?

    2019-04-10 1,192 times

    A)  We research market conditions, as well as development trend and prospect of existing product similar to your design, in order to avoid risk as much as possible. B)  We design product according to your requirements and transfer your idea to real product successfully. You just throw your idea to u…

  • Why will customers come to us?

    2019-04-09 1,219 times

    We own not only industrial designers who can create perfect and fashionable appearance but also mechanical designers who can foresees problems for each stage and part of design and can deal with them in advance. Our team constantly update the created product to keep it competitive and client-oriente…

  • Production Support

    2019-04-01 1,578 times

    PX industrial design company has cooperated with many production factories for many years, able to provide customer production service.Customer will only need to inspect the final production sample, we’re going to control the quality before that.