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  • Core Service

    2019-05-04 1,690 times


  • Other service

    2019-05-03 1,599 times

  • Industrial Design

    2019-05-03 1,503 times

    PXID will optimize product itself and its appearance, function and value in use to promote market competitiveness of product. We will optimize items such as cost of mass production, product applicability and aesthetics, users’ physiological and mental satisfaction and brand communication, etc. PXID …

  • three modes of cooperation

    2019-05-02 1,618 times

  • Thorough Design Process

    2019-05-01 1,598 times

  • Market Research

    2019-05-01 1,488 times

    PXID will communicate with clients and have good acknowledgement of their design requirements and plan, then PXID will make it proposal document. Our project team will make marketing positioning strategy center on concepts, features, functions and avail of clients’ product or service, analyzing sati…